SUNDAY, jUNE 17th- 10 p.m.-5a.m. of the 18th


Doors open at 10pm, and all graduates must arrive by eleven pm on June 17th. Once inside, they are not permitted to leave and return-but most are too busy eating and enjoying the variety of fun activities planned for them to worry about the time. They play games and accumulate "Whirlie Bucks" to spend on "chances" to win Prizes at the end of the event.  Prior to the Prize Drawings, there is a highly entertaining show for them to watch and participate in. All who stay til 5 a.m. of June 18th (and they ALL do!) will leave with a generous departing gift.    .

support from the entire grimsley community is Key !!

This is a $20,000 evening none of us could do individually-but all of us can do together! Please help keep this tradition-and our students ALIVE with your time, your monetary donations and/or prize/merchandise donations.

FRESHMEN,SOPHOMORE,JUNIOR AND SENIOR PARENTS-This event needs your support too! When your student is the guest of honor, you will receive the same support in return. 



Supporting it Financially

 support our Community Sponsors. support those that support our children!

Project Graduation 2018

grimsley High school

Donating Prizes and/or Merchandise

Purchasing Tickets and Attending  

become a part of the tradition By:

Grimsley Project Graduation 2018  

"High School Graduation is one of the biggest nights in a teenager's life.  For those who add drinking and driving, it has the potential to turn deadly. Let's keep that from happening to one of our kids."

           Grimsley Parent/Staff




Volunteering at the Event